How Candid People helps

Manpower solutions
We are specialised in providing project-based manpower solutions. Tailored to the situation we offer contract, secondment and temp-to-perm. Looking for permanent staff? We also consult on permanent solutions.

Statement of work
With transparent agreements on the job-to-be-done and budgets, a SOW opens up the possibility to outsource specific parts of a project with ease.

Advice on Law & Regulation
Because we understand that law-making concerning GDPR and DBA agreements due to rapid changes can seem ambiguous, we offer tailored advice in this field.

In & Outsourcing
Candid People can help establish an efficient insourcing process custom to your company’s needs and budgets. At the same time, we also consult on outsourcing, providing the tools needed from negotiation to implementation to help set up sustainable partnerships.

Working on a project base or do you prefer a permanent job? Considering to start working as a contractor? Whatever the starting point is,  we will actively guide you through the entire lifecycle of our partnership process to keep ensuring all needs are met.